Le Moulin Fondu, national centre for street arts

The “Petit Moulin”

Since 1996, Oposito company set up in the Moulin Fondu in Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis).

The Moulin Fondu, is 900 sq. m of original, functional and spacious premises, located in a historic district of Noisy-le-Sec near the town centre and just five minutes’ walk from the train station. It houses a rehearsal room (200 sq. m) equiped with sound, a meeting room with video equipment, wardrobe, workshop, accommodation for up to six people, kitchen and bathroom.


Since 2003, the Moulin Fondu has been equiped with a supplementary workshop , Saint-Just workshop, a 300 sq. m aera with 11 m high devoted to scenography construction. there is a semi industrial equipment.

Oposito’s homeport:

The repercussions of such a tool on our evolution are clear. Our team, writing and position in the network of modern and innovative cultural bodies have been strengthened. The multiple guest visits to and metings at the Moulin Fondu, ollective events, written and designed for “Rencontres d’Ici et d’Ailleurs”,
the countries and cities visited, all testify to the vitality of our itinerary and the quality of our creations.

Le Moulin Fondu : The place of fabrication, a shared tool:

Our company has always put its workspace at the disposal of other artistic teams. It is an integral part of the way we work, a pretext for exchanges and mutual enrichment. It was logical for our team to be associated with the conception and the setting up of places of fabrication for street arts as early as 1992. The creation of the Moulin Fondu has enabled us to develop our relationships to others in an exponential way. It has allowed us to provide a qualitative approach to residences in terms of comfort and support. About forty teams have benefited from this dynamic to date. These steps, often taken in association with other places of fabrication, have had qualitative results on our productions over recent seasons.

Our project is now going through a transitional phase. It’s a history in the making, in full evolution. After ten years’ experience at the Moulin Fondu, we have to reconsider the notion of our residence and fabrication space. It is not about moving but extending the Moulin Fondu space and its project to the city of Noisy-le-Sec by building a complementary pole: the “Grand Moulin”.

Companies in residence since 1996 :

 Le Teatro del Silencio
 La gouaille et la diva
 Frichti Concept
 Les Costards (Brass Band)
 Les Cousins (Street theater)
 Les Alama’s Givrés (Street theater)
 La Cie Doriane Moretus (Street theater)
 Saphir Percussions - La Lune Rousse (Theater)
 Le Pavé Rose (Wader)
 Le SAMU (street music)
 La Compagnie Pazzo Pazzo (Theater)
 Décor Sonore (music)
 Eclat immédiat et durable (Street theater)
 Alvaro Pares (painter)
 KMK (Street theater)
 Alain Farés (designer)
 Rina Sherman (cinema directort)
 La compagnie Carpa (street wader)
 Les Impondérables (Street theater)
 Friches Théâtre Urbain (Street theater)
 Genre de Cirque (Street theater)
 Annibal et ses éléphants (Street theater)
 Los Pandidos (Street theater)
 Raymorah (musicians)
 Yannick Jaulin
 Les Piétons (Street theater)
 Trace(s) en Poudre (Street theater)
 La compagnie Migrateurs/Transatlantique
 No Tunes International (Street theater)
 Les Acidus (Street theater)
 La compagnie Inflammable (Street theater)
 Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention (Street theater)
 Deabru Beltzak (Street theater)
 Les Grooms

Monday 15 January 2007

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