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Transhumance, l’heure du troupeau


A monumental parade in tree acts for a hundred and fifty performers, musicians, and procession giant mechanical animals...

Transhumance, l’heure du troupeau is an arch with no deluge, without Noah, an arch to harbour our dreams and act as rampart against indifference. It is a vessel with the emotions of olden days when man lived to the rhythm of the seasons.
Transhumance, l’heure du troupeau is a metaphor on transhumance. A great travelling dream crosses the city, pushing back the limits of the possible. An allegory,
a homage to travellers, storytellers and other poets, a salute to the conquerors of the useless.

We prepared ourselves for this adventure. We created it to our measure with the best of the multiple relationships we have established over the last fifteen years.
“Transhumance, l’heure du troupeau” is a show born out of our experiences. It is inscribed in time, each leg feeding the next. Our journey started in 1997.
Today, after having crossed some twenty six towns, 2000 people will have interpreted our imaginary partition, allowing us to share our dream with over
200 000 spectators

A parade is one of the signs most adapted to the language of crowds and open
spaces. Its movement is built by successive apparitions. Its rhythm takes the public by surprise, knocking it sideways and from behind… to captivate it, lead it and embark it
as an unconditional passenger into our dream.

To listen a sample of the original soundtrack, click below

Friday 10 November 2006

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