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The Compagnie Oposito has been treading the roads around the globe for the last twenty years. From Noisy-le-Sec to Addis Ababa, in the streets, boulevards, squares, on water, on the sea and in lifts…


- 15 shows written and performed over 400 times
- Creation of 55 monumental events (in France, Europe, Africa…).
- Direction of thirty urban festivals
- Invention of two festivals : Grains de Folie and The “Rencontres d’Ici et d’Ailleurs”
- Collaboration with over fifty international companies
- Foundation of a street theatre production centre
- Street theatre lobbyist

Les Trottoirs de Jo'Burg..
Les Trottoirs de Jo’Burg..

© Vincent Muteau


An artistic adventure is not measured in seasons or calendar years. It is a journey, a bias over time, a long-term vision.
The Oposito company is convinced that a street show is a modern artistic language with cosmopolitan roots drawing on theatre and its generosity, on the freedom of poetry and the energy of travellers.
Oposito provokes new encounters, oves weaving new ties, mixing people and genres. It upholds its will to carry on telling cities the stories they have taken the risk to co-write.
Over the years, either singly or in collaboration with our “corporation”, we have invented and set up the necessary tools for the evolution and artistic movement to which we belong: street arts.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

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